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Soft-Flow Aortic Cannula ®

The world's first low-velocity aortic cannula

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  • Together with our exclusive distributor Medtronic, we've brought back the popular Soft-Flow aortic cannula. Soft-Flow was designed with ease of insertion and reduced exit velocity in mind.

Soft-Flow is designed for ease of insertion

  • The tapered, reverse-angled tip with smooth-rimmed bevel enables an easy and gentle insertion.
  • Smooth outer surface and subcomponent transitions are designed to protect vasculature during catheter insertion and removal.

Soft-Flow has reduced exit velocity vs open tipped cannulae

  • In an independent three component particle image velocimetry study (3C-PIV), a 21 French Soft-Flow® angled tip cannula showed a lower exit velocity than the 22 French Medtronic Select Series™ arterial angled open-tip cannula.*

*MC3, Inc. data on file. Testing was conducted in 3rd-party laboratory setting with aortic arch models and CPB circuit that utilized a Three-Component Particle Image Velocimetry(3C-PIV) technology to capture flow data. 3D velocity data is visualized in one 2D plane per image. The images capture the peak velocity for each cannula. Flow still occurs in unshaded vessel areas.


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