Soft-Flow® Aortic Cannula

The world's first low-velocity aortic cannula

Soft-Flow® was designed with ease of insertion and reduced exit velocity in mind. Soft-Flow has been a favorite* cannula among surgeons, perfusionists, and training institutions for more than 20 years. Together with our exclusive distributor Medtronic, we've brought back the Soft-Flow® aortic cannula.

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Developed and manufactured by MC3 Cardiopulmonary

Exclusively distributed by Medtronic

*MC3, Inc. data on file. Based on 2010-11 U.S. Procedure Case Load and Marketing Data.

    Soft-Flow® is designed for an easier insertion.

    • Soft-Flow's tapered, reverse-angled tip with smooth-rimmed bevel enables an easy and gentle insertion and predictably maneuvers through small incisions and into aorta.

      Soft-Flow® shows reduced exit velocity vs open tipped cannulae

      • In an independent three component particle image velocimetry study (3C-PIV), a 21 French Soft-Flow® angled tip cannula showed a lower exit velocity than the 22 French Medtronic Select Series™ arterial angled open-tip cannula.*

        Soft-Flow® Design Model Types

          Soft-Flow® Extended with Suture Ring 14.5 in (37cm) overall length

          Soft-Flow® Straight Tip with Suture Bulb 14 in (35 cm) overall length

          Soft-Flow® Angled Tip with Suture Flange 14 in (35 cm) overall length

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